Hand-held mileage correction tool for VAG group, powered by two CORTEX ARM cores, speed up to 200MHZ. With SD card interface to load and save files, USB port for update by Internet. 320*240 TFT LCD with 256K colors to display pictures and help files details. Integrated with CAN-BUS / J1850 / CCD-BUS / ISO9141 / SPI protocols in single multifunctional interface.


VAG Prog is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum flexibility and working comfort despite simple operation. Mileage programming through out OBD2 port and by manual connection to the device such as EEPROM or MCU. User can easily upgrade tool functionality by buying an extra hardware at anytime. No needs to spend more if you working with limited number of makes and models. Just select the package you need from the list below.


Standard package  Main hardware, OBD adapter, USB cable, SD card, Power cables, standard soft 1,700 USD
Option - 1  AUDI A3 / TT / R8 07 UP soft 600 USD
Option - 2  AUDI A4 / A5 / Q5 08 UP soft 500 USD
Option - 3  AUDI A6 / Q7 09 UP soft 400 USD
Option - 4  AUDI A8 07 UP soft 1,000 USD
Option - 5  TOUAREG / PHAETON / BENTLEY 08 UP soft 500 USD
Option - 6  VW S12XHZ512 09 up soft 700 USD
Option - 7  VW NEC+24C64 11 up soft 800 USD
Option - 8  VW MARELLI 95320 soft 800 USD
Option - 9  VW JOHNSON 95320 soft 600 USD
Option - 10  VW 2012 PASSAT B7-color soft 800 USD
Full package Main hardware, all adapters, USB cable, SD card, Power cables, all Options 1-10 4,000 USD
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