BMW E39 E53 Instrument Cluster Pixel Repair

BMW E39 E53 Instrument Cluster Pixel Repair


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Service to repair of pixelated or damaged speedometer’s cluster LCD display (1998-2005).


BMW instrument clusters made by VDO company and found on E38 / E39 / E53 (5-series, 7-series and X-5) have a very common pixels issue due to wrong engineer unit design: in about 5 years its display starts to lose pixels makes it impossible to read mileage/trip, service information and other important messages. It is not covered by BMW warranty anymore! An entire unit replacement on dealership would cost up to $1000 and involves in mileage programming and VIN assignment. Warning: trying to open up a cluster without special knowledge may damage important parts and will raise the repair cost.


LCD faded, pixelated or damaged


BMW 7-series (E38/E39), 5-series (E39), X5 (E53), Land Rover


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