Ford F150 2007-2009 ABS Module Repair Service

Ford F150 2007-2009 ABS Module Repair Service


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2007-2009 FORD F-150 all models

Separate module from ABS pump. Ship module only!


Rebuild service of malfunctioned Ford F-150 2007-2009 ABS control module. No coding is required after repair. Plug-n-Play! You still can drive the vehicle while the module is removed. Repairs take 1-2 business days.


ABS Light on or intermittent
No communication with ABS module
ABS pump running constantly
Various ABS system trouble codes – B1342, B1596, C1300, C1963


You may need a universal or dedicated OBD2 scanner to clear DTCs. Not all computers can be fixed. None repairable computer will be returned with refund less diagnostic fee of $80 and return shipping cost.


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