Toyota Camry ABS Pump Control Module Repair Service

Toyota ABS EBCM Pump Repair

Toyota Camry ABS Pump Control Module Repair Service


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Non-hybrid 2007-2009 Toyota Camry without traction control

Separate module from ABS pump. Don’t send one!


This service is for repair of your malfunctioned ABS module taken from non-hybrid Toyota Camry 2007-2009 without traction control. Just carefully remove it and ship to us for service without pump!

After repair the unit will be in plug-and-play state.

Part numbers:
    • 44050-06070
    • 44050-33240
    • 44510-06060
    • 44510-06082
    • 44510-06080
    • 44510-33130

– Intermittent or no speedometer

No communication with ABS module

Intermittent operation of tachometer or/and temp gauge

– A/C blowing hot air
– ABS and brake light illuminate sporadically


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