WIN Module Wireless Ignition Node Repair

Dodge Jeep Chrysler WIN Module Wireless Ignition Node WCM Repair Service

WIN Module Wireless Ignition Node Repair


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Repair service of malfunctioned ignition switch module of selected Dodge/ Chrysler/Jeep models 2008-2020

You need to ship us the WIN module and one FOBIK for service. Estimated repair time is 1-2 business days.

Do you need extra key for your car?

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Rebuild service of malfunctioned Wireless Ignition Node (WIN)  module. No coding is required after repair. The software and settings will not be modified, making this module plug-n-play. All original FOBIK will continue to operate. This service doesn’t include new programmed key (FOBIK) in case your original one is malfunctioned.


– No start, no crank
– Instrument cluster doesn’t light up, only odometer reading displays
– FOBIK gets stuck in the WIN module
– Vehicle won’t turn to the off  position and FOBIK must be forced out
– FOBIK remote does not lock/unlock doors
– Key doesn’t turn at all
– Key removed but the vehicle stays running
– Vehicle turns OFF when hitting ‘bumps’ in the road
– SECURITY LIGHT (RED CIRCLE) stays flashing when using a working key and the vehicle will not CRANK and the light still flashes in the ON position


2008-2010 Chrysler 300
2008-2016 Chrysler Town & Country
2008-2014 Dodge Challenger
2008-2010 Dodge Charger
2010-2013 Dodge Durango
2008-2020 Dodge Grand Caravan
2008-2010 Dodge Journey
2008-2009 Dodge Magnum
2008-2010 Jeep Commander
2008-2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2017-2020 Jeep Renegade
2009-2013 Ram 1500 2500 3500
2009-2014 Volkswagen Routan


5026535, 68066563, 68105738, 5026533, 5026534, 5026647, 68105739, 68066565, 68214881, 05026147, 5026364, 68059401, 68105735, 68257921, 5026148, 5026365, 5026781, 68063400, 68158217, 5026528, 5026872, 5026875, 5026876, 56046746, 68066728, 68066729, 68066730, 68252600, 5026779, 68066565, 68105734, 68105736, 5026149, 5026511, 5026780, 56046937, 5026954, 68064958, 68210152, 5026149, 5026874, 68066727, 68210156, 68257920, 56046941, 56046939 etc.


You may need a universal or dedicated OBD2 scanner to clear DTCs after installing WIN back. Not all modules can be fixed. In the event we test your module and found no issues or found the problem not related to our repair there will be only diagnostic fee of $90 + return shipping. You will be refunded for the difference that was paid.


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